The long and storied history of Thomas College

Over 125 Years of Student Focused Innovation

Thomas College’s history spans over 125 years of student-focused innovation. From a small school located in the Edith Building above F.W. Woolworth Co. in 1894 to a 120-acre campus, this is our story.

Key History Events

1894: Kiest Business College is founded three floors above F.W. Woolworth Co. 在伊迪丝大楼作为一个非宗派,男女同校的学院,致力于职业培训.

1896: Kiest Business College, with a growing reputation for coeducational career training, is purchased by William Morgan and renamed Morgan Business College.

1911: Morgan Business College is purchased by Peterborough, New Hampshire-based railroad administrator John L. Thomas Sr., who was himself a graduate of the business college. The College is renamed Morgan-Thomas Business College. For more than 45 years, 这所学院在培养会计和秘书方面享有很高的声誉, and sees increased student enrollment. 网上网赌平台,作为学院的“校长”,发展了作为一个有天赋的老师的声誉.

1950: Morgan-Thomas Business College is renamed Thomas Junior College.

1956: The College moves to the former home of John Ware on Silver Street, which is known as one of Waterville’s largest and finest estates. The College uses two buildings there, one for administrative offices, library and classrooms, and the other for a women’s dormitory, dining room, store and student lounge. John L. Thomas Jr. is named President.


1959: Thomas College is re-chartered as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit institution.

1960 (approx.): Jewell Hall, a men’s dormitory named for Ralph A. Jewell, the first chairman of the Board of Trustees, is dedicated.

1962: A new classroom building is opened and becomes the hub of all academic activity. Thomas Junior College is renamed Thomas College.


1964: Mariner Library opens. It is named for Ernest C. 他曾担任网上网赌平台大学董事会主席15年.

1965: A theater for lectures, concerts and dramatic presentations is added to the main classroom building. In September, 一座带有餐饮中心和女性宿舍的新建筑完工,并以Ann S .命名. Parks, the College’s first female trustee.


1969: Telephone workers go on strike, 这些工人和网上网赌平台的学生一起帮助在新校园建了一个棒球场. The workers on the ball field are paid $3.25 per hour, and President John L. Thomas thinks the bill for the field is excessive at $4,200. (Today that same baseball field would cost at least ten times more.)

1970当前位置在西河路的新校区开设了一所男女分开的宿舍. A student union and dining center was opened that December.

1971: The entire College is now operating at the West River Road campus.




1980: President John Thomas Jr. dies. Ford A. Grant, a former teacher and the College’s Vice President for Financial Affairs, is named interim President. Later Paul G. Jenson, former Dean of Faculty, is named full-time President at Thomas College.

1982-1983: The Computer Information Systems major begins, 网上网赌平台购买了第一台个人电脑——两台麦金塔和一台康柏便携式个人电脑.

1983: The College institutes its Internship Program, 帮助网上网赌平台大学成为一所毕业生为事业成功做好准备的大学.


1986: Cyril M. Joly, Jr. is named to replace the retiring Paul G. Jenson as President.

1988当前位置网上网赌平台购买了第一台专用于行政使用的计算机网络, and creates its first Local Area Network.

1989: David F. Emery is named to replace Cyril M. Joly, Jr. as interim President, pending selection of Joly’s permanent successor. Emery serves for six months, and George R. Spann is named Thomas College President.

1994: All dormitory rooms are equipped with voice, data, and video lines. 这项技术的增加是由国家科学基金会拨款资助的. The first building-to-building network connection is completed, and Thomas College signs on to the Internet.


1998: 我们购买了一套新的电话系统,以处理学生宿舍房间的额外负荷,并使汤姆斯符合2000年数位标准. Computer Management and Software Development majors are launched.

1999: Thomas College announces the Thomas College Guaranteed Job Program, the most extensive program of its kind in the nation. 网上网赌平台成为全国最早建立基于网络的计算机管理系统的学院之一.

2000: Thomas celebrates the opening of the 300-seat Laurette Ayotte Auditorium. With its large projection screen, state-of-the-art sound system, and technology learning lab classrooms, the Laurette Ayotte Auditorium is one of the most multi-purposed in the Northeast. The Thomas community uses this spacious facility for concerts, student events, meetings, special events, and even a weekly Friday night movie. Thomas College also adds new majors in Elementary Education, Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Computer Science. 学院宣布与缅因州刑事司法学院和普特南投资公司合作, which opens a center on campus.

2001当前位置网上网赌平台宣布与威斯布鲁克桥教育计算机职业中心建立合作关系, Maine. The Thomas College baseball team wins the NAIA New England Championship, 球队与小联盟棒球队波特兰海狗队建立了合作关系, the farm team for the Boston Red Sox.

2002: A new major in Communications is announced. The campus offers wireless Internet in nearly every location to students. A partnership with the Mid Maine Chamber of Commerce was announced.

2003学院完成了对餐饮中心的重大翻新,并开放了巴特利特大厅, a new 100-bed student residence equipped with wireless internet, cable television, lounges, kitchenettes, and computer areas.

2004网上网赌平台在五年内第二次被微软公司选为该网上网赌平台最佳使用案例研究对象. 微软的调查重点是该学院使用其ISA Server 2004产品的安全性, performance and reporting.

2005: Thomas receives a $1.哈罗德·奥尔方德基金会提供了2500万美元的挑战赠款,用于建造一个价值4美元的.6 million athletic center. 这是学院有史以来收到的最大一笔用于建设设施的捐款. Thomas announces the launch of an unprecedented $9.6 million capital campaign. The campaign, the largest in the College’s history, is a push to fund the new Harold Alfond Athletic Center, scholarship endowment and annual operating funds. 学院收到了几个慷慨的挑战,包括H. Allen Ryan Challenge for $500,000 and a Unity Foundation challenge for $150,000. In addition, 百分之百的网上网赌平台董事会成员捐款,许多地区企业也捐款, including TD Banknorth, N.A., which makes a $250,000 pledge.

2006: The 38,000 square foot Harold Alfond Athletic Center opens for the first time. The College also completes a popular Recreation Room. A new Master of Science in Education program is launched. Overall enrollment is up 39 percent since 2002. 创纪录的入学人数使学院有望实现其雄心勃勃的目标,即在10年内将本科入学人数增加近一倍.

2007: 学院从Eaglewood Estates和肯纳贝克河附近额外购买了50英亩土地,以支持其持续增长的入学人数.

2008: Thomas College opens its Townhouse units, which accommodate 88 students in two-floor, suite style living areas.

2012: Laurie Lachance, Thomas M.B.A. ’92, is named Thomas College President. She is the first female and first alumna president of the College.

2013:网上网赌平台开始建造乔治和马蒂·斯潘学生公共场所, a state-of-the-art academic center and library. 学院还建造了新的草皮场地,以容纳Terriers田径队和社区成员. Thomas College celebrates by hosting over 3,000 elementary, middle, and high school students who will also be able to enjoy the spaces. Thomas also adds eight new academic programs. The College distributes over $7 million in institutional financial aid, which includes $105,000 from the Bernard Osher Foundation.

2014: The Harold Alfond Academic Center opens—the second academic facility on campus. It includes the H. Allen Ryan School of Business, the Kenneth and Eva Green Library, Jeanie’s Café, the Bert and Coral Clifford Financial Center, as well as classrooms, a student success center, study rooms, and faculty offices. The College also opens another residence hall, Henry and Ellen Hinman Hall. 主入口被重新安置以适应建筑,后来被命名为谢里登大道.

2016: The College updates the Campus Master Plan. 

2017: With a $3.4 million grant from the Harold Alfond Foundation, the College establishes the Harold Alfond® Institute for Business Innovation.

2017: Thomas College launches a School of Education. 

2017: Thomas graduates its first Kiest-Morgan participants. The program is the College’s formal three-year undergraduate degree program.

2018: The College begins to celebrate its 125th year, which will culminate with Commencement in Spring 2019.

2018: Thomas College is awarded a $2.从美国教育部第三章加强机构计划获得300万美元的资助,使其成为缅因州唯一一所同时获得联邦三重奏和第三章资助的私立大学.

2018: The varsity level Esports program launches.

2018: A new trail system on campus, the Sukeforth Family Trail System, opens on campus.  

2019: The School of Education is named the Peter & Paula Lunder School of Education.

2020: 学院宣布将首次提供在线研究生学位课程.

2020: 拉钱斯总统成立了多元化、公平和社会正义总统特别工作组.

2020: The College is awarded $1.3 Million TRIO Student Support Services grant.

2021: 网上网赌平台宣布完成“保证未来运动”,耗资3000万美元, exceeding the goal of $27 million.

2021: The College breaks ground on a new Sports Facility to open in the Fall of 2022.